North West People in Research Forum event report

‘The role and value of patient and public involvement and engagement in research’ was an event held by the North West People in Research Forum, 31 May 2012, at the Midland Hotel in central Manchester. It was the Forum’s first large-scale event, and it brought together approximately one hundred patients, public, carers, patient advocates, researchers, service user researchers, research managers, engagement and involvement professionals and charity representatives.

The event was introduced by Dr Stuart Eglin, Research & Development Director for NHS North, chaired by Dr David Britt, the Forum’s public co-chair, and facilitated by Mark Duman, President and Director of the Patient Information Forum. Simon Denegri, Chair of INVOLVE and the NIHR’S National Director for Public Participation and Engagement in Research, was the keynote speaker. He spoke about the tensions and overlaps between engagement, participation and involvement, his vision for the future and a five point plan for putting the patient experience at the heart of research.

Following Simon’s talk there were two workshops that explored people’s experience of involvement and engagement in research. Professor Ann Caress, University of Manchester and University Hospital of South Manchester, led the involvement workshop, facilitating discussion around what had worked well, what had not worked well, what problems people had come across and what solutions had been developed. Dr Bella Starling, Nowgen, led the engagement workshop and started by underlining the Forum’s view of public engagement as an umbrella term for any activity that engages the public with research.

For a more detailed description of the event please download the 31 May Forum Event Report FINAL.