The Value of Working Together in Health Research

The report from the Value of Working Together event is now available here, Report of Working Together Event. This event was held by the North West People in Research Forum in December 2013.  The report includes a summary of the presentations by Ann Jacoby, Carrol Gamble and Katherine Froggatt and the interview with Philip Bell, a public contributor.  Workshops identified several ‘values’ of working together which benefit health research:

•             Openness

•             Presence

•             Transparency

•             Respect

•             Listening & empathy

•             Learning

•             Diversity & inclusion

•             Equality

•             Mutuality

•             Choice

•             Improvement

Ideas for how public involvement in health research could be improved in the North West focused on connecting, networking, co-ordination, innovative approaches and involving more and different groups of people. Respect, clear communication, accessibility and flexibility were seen as the most valuable factors in the development of better public involvement.  The outcomes of the Value of Working Together event will inform the North West People in Research Forum Strategy.